Dual-Credit: Expanded Options Program

Expanded Options Program image with three students on laptop.


Dual-Credit College Classes:

The Riddle School Board is committed to providing additional options to students enrolled in grades 11 and 12 to continue or complete their education, to earn concurrent high school and college credits and to gain early entry into post-secondary education. The district’s Expanded Options Program will comply with all requirements of Oregon law.

Eligible students may apply to take courses at a post-secondary institution through the Expanded Options Program. A student is eligible for the Expanded Options Program if he/she: (1) is 16 years or older at the time of enrollment in a course under the Expanded Options Program; (2) is in grade 11 or 12 or has not yet completed the required credits for grade 11 or 12, but the district has allowed the student to participate in the program; (3) has developed an educational learning plan; and (4) has not successfully completed the requirements for a high school diploma. A student who has graduated from high school may not participate.  *Grade level exemptions can be altered by administration.

The district shall negotiate in good faith a financial agreement with the eligible post-secondary institution for the payment of actual instructional costs associated with the student’s enrollment, including tuition and fees and the costs of textbooks, equipment, and materials.

Non-Dual Credit College Classes:

All classes through Expanded Options and not a dual-credit class must be cleared by the administration and fall into their post-secondary education plan.