The Riddle School District Board of Directors will have a Regular Board Meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and is held in person using social distancing practices.

school board members sit at conference table at a board meeting.

School Board Members

Amanda Canty, School Board Member

Amanda Canty

Graduated from Riddle in 1998.

Krista Chambers, School Board Member

Krista Chambers

Graduated from Riddle in 2003.

Erwin Hackett, School Board Member

Erwin Hackett, Chair

Graduated from Riddle in 1992.

Chantel Terry, School Board Member

Chantel Terry

Graduated from Riddle in 2003.

Place holder

John Woody

Graduated from Riddle in 2003.

School Board Agendas and Minutes

The board agendas and minutes are located in the School Board folder in Documents.

To locate them, click the Menu link at the top of the page (right side) and then scroll down and click on Documents.

Open the School Board folder to view the board agendas and minutes.